Westside Pools & Service a family-owned and operated swimming pool service and repair company that has been servicing the needs of pool owners throughout Fort Worth and surrounding areas since 1979.

Built from the ground up, we take pride in maintaining long-lasting relationships with our customers. We don’t buy service route accounts—our relentless attention to detail and our never-ending commitment to customer satisfaction means we deliver the highest quality swimming pool cleaning service and preventative pool maintenance service in Fort Worth.

We believe every pool, large or small, deserves careful attention. We tailor our pool cleaning service to meet your pool’s needs.

Pool Cleaning

Most pool owners understand the importance of keeping their pools and spas clean, chemically balanced and properly maintained, but few have the time or desire to do it themselves. With Westside Pools & Service, you don’t have to! Our adept, dependable maintenance technicians specialize in handling the hard work so you can spend your time enjoying your pool, not laboring over it. We offer weekly cleanings, emergency and one-time cleanings, and drain and clean packages.

Filter Clean

Westside Pools & Service also offers filter cleanings aside from our pool cleaning services. Even with regular maintenance and backwashing, your filter will still collect debris. Therefore, it is important to unassemble and clean your filter once or twice a year. Let our technicians make your life easier and schedule a filter cleaning today!

Equipment Repair

Old or damaged pool equipment can not only compromise the overall efficiency and safety of your pool system, but can also skyrocket your utility bills. Our qualified technicians can repair or replace your pool equipment quickly and for a fair price. We’ll work hard to repair your existing equipment, and when a replacement or upgrade is needed we rely on the unsurpassed quality, durability, and efficiency of Pentair pool equipment to keep your pool at its best for years to come.

Leak Detections

There’s nothing wrong with a little pool water loss. In fact, a healthy pool can lose on average a 1/4 inch a day or 2 inches per week depending on environmental conditions, normal pool use, water temperature and even backwashing the filter. Problematic water loss should be addressed immediately, as extensive damage can occur if not, and that’s where we come in.

If you notice your pool water drops more than 2 inches in a week, see puddles forming underneath pool equipment, have air in your system or notice cracks forming in your pool’s foundation, it’s time to give us a call.

Pool Inspections

A swimming pool is a great investment for your home. There is a sense of confidence in the quality of the pool if you hired the contractor, selected the materials and design, and were actively involved throughout the project. But what if you are purchasing a home with an existing pool? How would you know if it is working as intended? Are there any repairs needed? Westside Pools & Service offers pool inspection services to put your mind at ease.

Pool Equipment

Whether you’re looking for variable-speed pumps, heaters or filters, Westside Pools & Service has what you need. Get the best value on name-brand equipment and get your pool working efficiently today.

Chemical Testing

At Westside Pools & Service, we also offer pool water testing to make sure your pool has the correct balance of chemicals. Making sure your pool water is in the best shape is our number one priority.