Join Us In The Drive Toward More Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Pool Living.

The best and brightest ideas in energy- and cost-saving pool and spa equipment come from Pentair Aquatic Systems. Pentair’s industry-leading innovations and energy-efficient Eco Select® Brand equipment offers you more. More savings, more convenience, more choices, and more value. Most importantly, you’ll enjoy dramatically lower pool operating costs thanks to these environmentally responsible equipment selections.

ENERGY STAR® Certified Pumps – Save up to 90%* in utility costs each year.

Pentair was the first to bring variable speed technology to the industry and the first pool pump manufacturer to achieve ENERGY STAR® Certification with its line of IntelliFlo® Variable Speed pumps. These eco-friendly pool pumps save hundreds of dollars in energy costs each year and thousands over their lifetime. With 8 programmable speeds and built-in time clock, you can custom program the optimum speed for each function. The result is enhanced performance and breakthrough energy savings. These pool pumps are also the quietest on the planet. At lower speeds, you may not even know they’re operating.

Best-in-class Pool Heaters

MasterTemp® High Performance Gas Heaters make extending your pool season more practical and affordable than ever. With their revolutionary air/gas pre-mix, you can enjoy lightning-fast pool or spa heat-up and superior energy efficiency while outperforming industry emission standards for clean operation.

UltraTemp® Heat Pumps save up to 80% in energy costs by transferring heat from the atmosphere to your pool or spa, delivering significantly higher efficiency than any other pool heating technology. With more standard features than any other heat pump, including a lifetime warranty on the titanium heater exchanger, you can get even more enjoyment out of every pool season.

DE Filters with Cartridge Convenience

Quad D.E. ® and Clean & Clear® Plus Cartridge Filters provide crystal clear pool water…effortlessly. And when you rinse cartridges rather than backwash, you significantly reduce water use, too, saving thousands of gallons a year. These pool filters are the perfect eco-friendly choice for cleaner, purer water.

White and Color-changing LED Pool and Spa Lighting

IntelliBrite® 5g White and Color-changing LED Pool and Spa lighting will transform your backyard into an intriguing nighttime paradise. IntelliBrite lights deliver unmatched energy efficiency and lifetime value, lasting thousands of hours longer than traditional incandescent lights. Despite their brilliant illumination, IntelliBrite pool lights only consume 30 watts while spa lights consume a mere 18 watts. The color-changing lights feature 5 fixed colors and 7 magical color shows.

Sanitizers and Chemical Control Systems

Pair the IntelliChlor® Salt Chlorine Generator with an IntelliChem® Chemical Controller and you’ll spend less time testing your water chemistry and more time enjoying your swimming pool. While IntelliChlor creates pure chlorine from salt, eliminating the need to buy, store and add expensive chlorine products by hand, the IntelliChem controller manages your sanitizer and pH levels, automatically adding the precise amount of chemicals, when needed, to keep your pool water clean, clear, safe and in perfect balance. It’s the ultimate in pool chemical convenience.

Pool Control Systems

Who knew pool and spa equipment operation could be so blissfully automatic. Thanks to Pentair automation systems, you can control up to 40 functions…from pool and spa heating, lighting, waterfalls, fountains, spa jets, landscape lights, automatic cleaner, and more…with the push of a button. Best of all, you can access your pool or spa equipment from your PC. Mac® computer, iPad®, iPhone®, or iPod touch® mobile digital device or Android™ device with an optional ScreenLogic® Interface. It’s the ultimate in pool control systems.